What are yours? How long have you had them? When was the last time you gave them an honest reassessment?

I wonder how faithfully the priorities upon which the average person acts reflect what he or she actually wants in life. I think it’s tempting to simply adopt a set of priorities and use them as an intractable architecture upon which to base our life’s pursuits, neglecting to evolve them according to how we want to live; the cart leads the horse. Imposing such stability on one’s goals can be enticing at first, hasty glance.

What if you are deceiving yourself? How much time – how many years – have you wasted?

It should go without saying that we ought exercise vigilant scrutiny of our so-called life priorities, and yet I think that is easy to forget. Once begun, the lure of a chase can be perpetual and deceptively gratifying, however misguided.

Is it too late?

I see little nobility in the blind pursuit of empty priorities – I fear many are – and I pity those of us who lack the timely, vital discernment required to see.