It’s Something

There’s something about traversing the country (and then some) on a single 10-hour, three-legged trip. There is something about watching, with suspended belief, each time an airplane carrying you and 300 others is able to break its earthly ties and point skyward. There’s also something about arriving at your final layover to find your flight home delayed late into the night. There is something about eventually settling into the driver’s seat of your trusty Jetta at 3:30 the next morning, turning the key, and hearing the familiar sound of the starter as it turns the car engine over. And there’s definitely something about hearing the same sound of the same starter turning the same engine over 10 seconds later….20 seconds later. There is just something about confirming with the AAA representative on the line that she did indeed just say your membership includes only THREE free towing miles, when you’re forty miles from night’s end. I promise you, there is something about finally crawling into bed at 5 A.M., realizing you have to work in a few short hours. But, most assuredly, there is nothing like hearing the sound of your own laughter as you drift asleep, ultimately reveling in the fact that, however twisted its path or frustrating its complications, your life will never be boring.

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