Yeah, yeah. So anyone who knows me is going to chuckle at the thought of me writing about initiative, but hear me out.

I will be the first to admit there are plenty of individuals out there more driven than me; I’m okay with that. But consider this: perhaps my fleeting encounters with initiative provide me a keener insight than some of you who are numb from its constant presence in your life. When I catch a glimpse of initiative, it’s a veritable epiphany, and I take note.

I will share this with you: whether it’s in regard to your personal or professional life, initiative can be a double-edged sword. Often found associating with the likes of industriousness and diligence, it is a valuable trait, no doubt about it, but consider yourself forewarned with this post. As preposterous as it may seem, initiative is easily and often mistaken by others as enjoyment. As surely as you are driven out of obligation to toil, your determination to see the task complete will be interpreted by some as pleasure for the actual labor! And you know what this leads to, right? Yep, people around you will find themselves hard-put to get between you and that which you enjoy so much; in fact, they may even do you a favor by piling some more on, and there you’ll be.

So I suggest you approach initiative with caution and wield it delicately, lest you find yourself dubiously distinguished not as diligent or conscientious – and possibly in need of assistance – but as happily enjoying what you do.