My Charge to You

Let not your mind temper the whims of the heart. Instead embrace them in all their uncertainty and plunge forward with that fervor only the soul can muster. For it is these moments that lend meaning to an otherwise meager existence, making life worth the living. So hurl yourself headlong into those things which stir you, heeding not the consequences, pausing only long enough to smell the roses, laugh at the sun, and marvel at the sheer possibilities afforded you.

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Vince on the Bike

Declaring Saturday an exciting night might be an understatement. Comedy, drama, adventure…the night had it all. It began with a wine party hosted by a couple of friends in downtown Cleveland that was, in short, a blast. The affair was held atop an apartment building on what turned out to be a beautiful, albeit blustery, night.

At some point that evening, I began to consider the notion of walking to my suburban home in Mentor after the party. The 25-mile trek from Cleveland to Mentor is a challenge I have often thought about and, for some reason ([cough]…wine…[cough], [cough]), an early Sunday morning departure from downtown seemed appropriate. So early Sunday, after lights-out and once our commandant had gone to bed, I gained my freedom by stealing away quietly into the night and pointed my feet eastward for the nocturnal sojourn.
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