Due Credit Where Credit’s Due

In general, I admire ingenuity and creativity, but such attributes strike an even greater chord with me when demonstrated in the context of mischief. That said, I thought it only appropriate (and fair?) to tip my hat to the clever batch of co-ops we had at work this past summer, despite the fact their fun came primarily at my expense. Hey, I’m man enough to (reluctantly) admit it.

All three college students who worked in my deparment for the summer were women, which itself is odd in a place of engineering (first time in my four years we’ve had such an instance). Also unusual about this crew was the outright temerity they exhibited in planning, mobilizing, and executing a strategy to abscond with a cherised piece of my OU memorabilia: a 32 oz. aquarium glass from “The Pub,” which finds intermittent use as a candy bowl in my office. Things immediately became personal when I walked into my office that fateful morning to find this note on my desk:
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Food for Thought

I saw a sign today that said:

“You Are What You Think About.”

It scared the hell out of me.

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What IS Everonward?

I figured by this time the readers of this site might be wondering what it’s all about (though I could be wrong), so I’ve decided to offer a brief explanation for both of you.

This web log represents nothing more than those those (often random) topics of which I might be thinking at a particular time. I really can’t imagine boring you (and myself) with the altogether ordinary occurrences of my everyday life, so I typically try not to do that. This is less a log detailing specific events than it is a place for me to organize my thoughts into something I can look back on later and share with others at the same time (not that you ever asked or anything). Much of the satisfaction I garner from it is a result of the feedback offered by readers on any given subject. So thanks for that.

From this point on, consider yourself forewarned: reading this web log could very well give you a glimpse into the strange world that is my mind. There, I’ve done my duty.

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