I figured by this time the readers of this site might be wondering what it’s all about (though I could be wrong), so I’ve decided to offer a brief explanation for both of you.

This web log represents nothing more than those those (often random) topics of which I might be thinking at a particular time. I really can’t imagine boring you (and myself) with the altogether ordinary occurrences of my everyday life, so I typically try not to do that. This is less a log detailing specific events than it is a place for me to organize my thoughts into something I can look back on later and share with others at the same time (not that you ever asked or anything). Much of the satisfaction I garner from it is a result of the feedback offered by readers on any given subject. So thanks for that.

From this point on, consider yourself forewarned: reading this web log could very well give you a glimpse into the strange world that is my mind. There, I’ve done my duty.