They come in many forms: people, places, events. They can hit you out of the blue or they can sneak up on you. They can be the result of that which you never saw coming or they can simply be a new twist on something you only thought you knew: a rediscovery. They can disarm you.

They can be ephemeral in nature so that you might barely recognize one before being left with a sense of loss at its passing. They can endure. They can cause you to question other facets of your life you believed static, to question what you previously held to be true. They can change you.

No matter their shape or relative significance, they share the common trait of having a positive impact on your life; a bonus “good” that was not there just a short time before; an unexpected gift with no strings attached. So walk with an open mind, and make yourself available to those pleasant surprises that should happen along. Because there will be times when you think you have everything figured out…

…and you’ll be wrong.