Some fads I see these days leave me pretty baffled, at times. In short: I just don’t get it. Here’s a few, to which I reserve the right to add.

Though sushi can consist of vinegared rice with any number of ingredients, I typically see it with raw fish. Raw fish. At its best it tastes like nothing. The real genius about making this an “in” thing is marking it up to sell at your bar along with $9 martinis. Tres sophistique. I *really* wish I would have thought of this one.

The whole anti-carbs movement, in general, actually. Hasn’t this diet been pretty much established as the wrong way to KEEP weight off? And yet, the low-carb craze continues. The sheer amount of effort I see people put into carbohydrate management is frightening. If a fraction of the discipline were only directed toward moderate physical activity and a “reasonable” eating routine…

Okay, now I know I’m gonna take some heat on this one, but I’m serious. Yeah, it’s a good game, don’t get me wrong. But is it $200-poker-kit-I’m-having-a-texas-hold-’em-tournament-once-a-month-bring-your-personalized-visor good? I mean, the game’s been around for centuries. Why the sudden passion? If a table dispute were resolved with an eight-pace duel outside, I might be more interested. And playing poker is one thing, but how about watching it on television? It’s on ESPN incessantly; there are seemingly innumerable World Series in the professional poker world. I never was able to reconcile the fact that these best-of-the-best players wear shades that cover half their faces (though I must admit, someone did recently tell me that the “truly great” ones do not wear sunglasses). I’m thinking it’s a matter of time until a Hollywood pretty boy is tapped to star in a movie depicting one man’s rise to poker greatness against the backdrop of a budding romance, all to the sounds of the latest Top 40 Billboard hits. Tell me you can’t see it. Maybe I’m just bitter than the majority of my web blog spam comes from online casinos. Maybe that’s it.

Anyway, a little high-and-mighty’ish on this post, I know. And, after all, diversity makes the world go ’round. But, that said: I just don’t get it.