Well, Christmas is here, and with it have come those things which over the years have become indelibly branded onto my brain as signifying the arrival of the Christmas season. It’s funny how certain objects can bring seemingly forgotten memories racing to the forefront of one’s mind. This phenomenan is not limited to tangible items, either; there are sounds and smells that I have come to subconsciously associate with the queen of all family holidays.

One of the primary indicators in my folks’ house that Christmas is upon us is the Christmas Mice.


Now, I’m not sure if it’s the fact that these mice have resided upon that same lamp every Christmas I have known or the fact that my dad seems so paternalistically attached to them, but they have taken on a role bigger than that of mere decoration; I’ve found their perennial emergence to invariably carry with it warm feelings of years past. Though in themselves only one example, the Christmas Mice are representative of those things which mark the holiday season.

In closing, I thought I’d list some of my Christmas favorites:

Favorite CD: John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together
(one thing that’s recently come to my attention: the later release of this album is absent THREE songs on the original, including such classics as “Lil’ Saint Nick” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”…so beware)

Favorite Show: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Favorite Movie: Die Hard (it counts!)
(yes, I considered “A Christmas Story;” it comes in a close second)

Favorite Food: anything in quantity (except for sweet potatoes)

Favorite Weather: snow (and lots of it)

All-Time Favorite Gift Received (adjusted for loss of kid-at-heartedness): probably the Capsela 1000 of yesteryear, maybe the original NES, maybe my 1st R/C car the Grasshopper…
(in all fairness, this year’s slot car sets have to be up there, too)

Merry Christmas, folks.