Oh, wait. Yes it does.

Check out this stellar piece of scientific reporting I pilfered from CNN.com (Nule, you may insert sardonic CNN jab here). The article was discussing the possibility of future asteroid impacts with Earth:


“Former astronaut Rusty Schweickart holds a 3-D model of an asteroid near a spot on the globe where it could hit the Earth.”


This is among the more meaningless photo/caption combos I’ve seen as of late. I mean, imagine the expertise involved in demonstrating where an asteroid having a 1-in-5,500 chance of striking Earth in 2029 COULD hit. Hell, give ME that rock he’s holding. I’ll show you. Oh wait, that’s not a rock…it’s a 3-D model of an asteroid.

Somehow I doubt you can blame old Rusty for this silliness, either; I’d be willing to bet he was handed a rock…err…3-D asteroid model…and asked to hold it up to a globe. Then again, who knows. Perhaps he found himself in the spotlight and got a little carried away; but even that wouldn’t explain the caption.

Maybe I’m obsessing; I do that some. And maybe Nule’s right; perhaps I should turn to BBC News instead. The fact that this is an Associated Press article, however, does not leave me with much hope.