Well today pretty much sucked. The story is familiar: I went out last night with some classmates after our final Contracts class (good cause for celebration, to be sure) for a drink or two. Unfortunately, while I should have eaten, I chose to drink my dinner instead; not good. It wasn’t a conscious decision, of course; it just kind of happened that way. This morning was one of those mornings where I opened my eyes and immediately wished I hadn’t. I had just enough energy to dial-up work and call in some sick leave. I know, I know…not very responsible of me.

From that point on my day entailed a circuitous route between my bed and the toilet. Gazing down into the water, doubled-over, I had those moments where I honestly debated the possibility of losing an organ. There were times I swear I was close. I’m not sure if it was a kidney or spleen but something was on its way up. My sole comfort amidst the convulsions was the contrasting coolness of the porcelain against my hot skin. I just cleaned the toilets so I suppose that’s not quite as gross as it could have been. Each time I went to flush I remember thinking that I have no recollection EVER eating anything THAT color.

So now it’s Friday night. As you may well know, friends expect certain things of you on Friday nights, despite the prior evening’s indulgences. With that, I suppose I should go get a shower and prepare for a possible night out. I’m looking forward to giving solid food a shot here in the next hour or so, but one thing’s for sure: I am NEVER drinking again….

….until the next time, that is.